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The internet is a really powerful tool for researching the insurance market. We can compare policies without leaving the couch, and compare quotes at the touch of a button. But what are we comparing, really? If that policy offers cheaper premiums but the excess fee is larger, am I really getting a good deal? Some companies offer bonuses for not claiming, but isn’t the whole point of insurance that you can claim when you need it?

This is where a reputable insurance broker comes in. Choosing the right insurance policy for your individual needs is actually a lot more complex than the adverts make it seem. A broker will guide you through the costs of different insurance products – and will explain all the factors relevant to calculating the value of a policy. A good broker will also patiently explain the fine print of each policy, so you know exactly what you are covered for. Imagine diligently paying your premium each month only to find that, when you need it, you’re not actually covered? A broker’s value doesn’t end there. Choosing insurance isn’t just about selecting the best policies, it’s also about knowing which policies you actually need, and how much cover you require.

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A good broker will secure the insurance you need, at the best possible price, and help you avoid paying for policies you don’t need.

Investing in what you really need

As Cape Town broker Russ Goodman explains, “I speak to many people in their twenties, earning decent money for the first time, who still feel invincible. I gently point out to them that medical aid and disability cover can protect their livelihoods and literally save their lives. But I also make sure they don’t waste their time or money on products they don’t need.

For example, life insurance is absolutely essential if you have dependents. But what if you don’t have children, but plan to one day? Should you wait? Will it be too late? How much risk is acceptable?

These are the kinds of complicated questions that affect every single insurance decision. Choosing the best insurance policies for your personal needs can be straightforward – but only if you have a reliable and experienced guide.

We appreciate that searching for a caring and experienced broker can be a hassle, so we have made it easy to get first rate advice. Mzansi Review has partnered with a small number of fully accredited insurance brokers who can offer professional guidance on insurance and long-term financial planning.

To maintain the strictest standards, we interview all our broker partners personally. That means we are currently only offering this free service to Cape Town residents. But don't worry, we will be rolling out across South Africa soon!

If you live in Cape Town and want to take control of your financial future, simply click here to enter your details and an independent insurance professional will contact you to offer free, no obligation advice on getting the best possible insurance cover.

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