5 essential reasons to speak to an insurance broker

These days, you can buy insurance directly on the phone. So it's no longer necessary to get advice from a registered insurance broker, right? Think again. Here are five reasons why you must speak to an insurance broker.

1. Comparing prices is more complicated than you think

Finding the best price seems simple: compare quotes and choose the cheapest. But insurance policies aren't running shoes, there are a lot of complexities. Let's say one company offers lower monthly premiums but charges a higher excess to claim. Which policy offers better value? Are reward programmes worth the cost? Is it wise to sacrifice some features for a lower price?  An expert insurance broker will consider your unique circumstances and help you make an informed choice.

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2. Choosing the wrong level of cover can be a disaster

Think about it. You would never underinsure your new car: if you were in an accident and smashed up your new BMW, the cost of repairs or replacement would devastate your savings, unless you had comprehensive car cover.  Now what if your geyser bursts and destroys furniture, carpets and appliances? What protection is really important? What kind of risks have you failed to even consider? Bad risk management can result in a devastating financial setback. This is where a broker's advice is priceless.

3. Paying for products you don't need is a waste of money

Let's say you're a young professional who is waiting a few years to have children ... do you need to consider life insurance already? What about disability cover? Is that really necessary? And do you need to insure all your home contents or just select items? An experienced broker will take a close look at where you are and where you're going and help you get the all insurance you need - and none of the insurance you don't need.

4. A professional broker understands the industry

Which insurance firms can you really trust? Which make it easy to claim on a policy and which put obstacles in front of any claim? Will you get good customer service? Are all the big name insurers in a financial position to meet their obligations? It's crazy to buy insurance without knowing all the facts. Only industry insiders will have the answers, making an insurance broker an invaluable ally. Not only that, your broker will help you make claims and take up any disputes with your insurance company. Why invest in insurance without an ally on your side?

5. You need to plan your finances before it's too late!

Mzansi Review have partnered with specialist brokers who are registered financial advisers. This is very important, because insurance is one part of holistically planning your future financial well-being. It's never too early to start investing, but before you know it, it could be too late! Don't take silly risks with your future.

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We appreciate that searching for a caring and experienced broker can be a hassle, so we have made it easy to get first rate advice. Mzansi Review has partnered with a small number of fully accredited insurance brokers who can offer professional guidance on insurance and long-term financial planning.

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To maintain the strictest standards, we interview all our broker partners personally. That means we are currently only offering this free service to Cape Town residents. But don't worry, we will be rolling out across South Africa soon!

If you live in Cape Town and want to take control of your financial future, simply click here to enter your details and an independent insurance professional will contact you to offer free, no obligation advice on getting the best possible insurance cover.

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