Protect Your Family and Give Back to South Africa

Life insurance is the best way to protect your family’s future. But what if your insurance policy could support South Africa?

Different Life is a pioneering company that makes it possible to help your family while making a meaningful contribution to our country.

Life insurance has always been the ultimate gift to those you love most. Now it is also an opportunity to give back to society.

It’s a new way of doing insurance, and it has made us very excited here at Mzansi Review.

The gift of giving

It’s so easy. When you open a Different Life policy, your first monthly payment of every year is donated to a charity project of your choice. The best part is you get to choose from a range of projects, whether helping children, or assisting the rural poor with food security, or making sure the NSPCA can protect animals in need, to name just a few of the many options.

This should mark the future of insurance, and hopefully other South African companies will follow suit.

Quality life cover

Of course, the most important feature of any insurance policy is the quality of cover.

Different Life offers affordable, effective, reliable life insurance that ensures that if you die, your loved ones will be financially protected when they need it most.

And with essential options like salary protection, disability cover, or critical illness cover, you can secure your own future with confidence.

A better way to be insured

We all know that life insurance is crucial. We know that if we don’t have a quality life insurance policy in place, we risk failing those who depend on us.

Unfortunately, the pressures of modern life make planning for the future difficult.

Different Life understand the pressure of our hectic modern lifestyles. That’s why their cutting-edge application process lets you get fully covered online, in no time at all.

Instant, affordable, high-quality life insurance that also helps South Africans in need? That is exciting.

To protect your future simply request a quote. It’s free and there is no obligation. Helping others and yourself has never been so easy.


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