The vulnerability of offshore trusts and structures has been exposed by the OECD common reporting standards and the Panama Papers. There is no longer any meaningful protection or privacy, but instead a global open invitation for exchanges of personal financial and tax  information by the very banks and trust companies who gave you their assurances of confidentiality and “guarantees” that sensitive information concerning offshore investments would never be made public.

How now to regularise your offshore trusts and structures?

Find out from Professor Barry Spitz (Rice University Houston and HEC Paris), former advisor to the US Congress, the IRS, the European Parliament, and SARS; and from Harvard-trained global investment strategist Michael Kransdorff (Policy Consultant & Senior Lecturer at Wits).

Attend the Institute of Advanced Studies seminar series on pre-empting offshore problems. Each seminar provides the most effective and up-to-date information about offshore risks and, more important, offshore solutions. Each seminar covers safe offshore investments, carefully transferring and keeping money across borders, emigration planning, offshore companies, trusts, and foundations, and financial compliance.

Offshore Investment writes: “Not only has Dr Spitz never lost an international tax case – no plan he has constructed has ever been challenged”.

Former World Bank President Robert Zoellik described Michaels innovative policy research into a new industrial strategy for the Western Cape as “mind blowing”.

It’s a rare opportunity to engage directly with Barry Spitz and Michael Kransdorff in South Africa and to get the absolute clarity you need to make responsible offshore decisions.

There are steps you can take, but time is of the essence. The alternative may be crippling fines, public embarrassment, and even criminal charges.

The seminars are open to anyone, but places are strictly limited. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Forthcoming seminars:

Johannesburg                                     Cape Town

27 September 2016                                   22 September 2016
15 November 2016                                    29 November 2016

Durban                                                   Pretoria

15 September 2016                                   1 December 2016
29 November 2016

Each seminar costs R3 950

Achieve Offshore Success

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