Car insurance

Why is car insurance so important?

For the simple reason that no matter how carefully you drive, accidents will happen. If you have the bad luck to crash into another car without adequate car insurance cover, you can find yourself in serious debt. Not only will you need to repair your own vehicle, you might also have to pay for the other person’s car repairs.

Of course, crime is also an unfortunate reality in South Africa. Most people rely on their cars to get to work or organise their lives, and without car insurance, theft or carjacking would be a huge financial setback.

Custom car insurance policies

Every motorist needs car insurance, but that doesn’t mean everyone has the same car insurance needs. If you have a new car, you will probably benefit from comprehensive cover that will pay for repairs to your own vehicle if you are in an accident, as well as any other people’s cars you might have damaged in the process.

Owners of older, less valuable cars might choose just to take out third party car insurance, which will protect you from liability in case you crash into someone else, but will not cover the cost of repairs to your own car.

To choose the best policy, it is important to compare insurance quotes to get the best value car insurance for your unique needs. An insurance professional can assess your requirements and advise you on suitable policies, so you get the cover you need and don’t pay for policies you can do without.

Simply enter your details in the quote form and an insurance professional will contact you to help find the best car insurance at the lowest price.

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