How to Save on Car Insurance Every Month

How do you make sure you’re getting a great deal on car insurance? The secret is to get insurance that offers real value every single month.

You don’t just want to pay a fair price in the first month of your policy; you want to get a great deal for as long as you insure your car. Think about it: every month your car loses value. With every minute that passes and every kilometre that you drive, your vehicle is worth less and less.

So how is it fair to pay the same premium to insure your brand new car and then to insure that car when it is six months old, with thousands of kilometres on the clock? Insurers will usually allow for a review of your premium, and you might be able to lower your premium as the years pass. But this is completely at the insurance company’s discretion.

So they could refuse to lower your premium if the industry is not performing well, or inflation is high, or for whatever reason they come up with.

Securing a fair deal

Gideon Galloway, CEO of King Price, believes there’s a fairer way. His solution is simple: with King Price, your car insurance premium automatically decreases each month. That’s obviously a great deal for clients, but how does that make business sense?

“If you treat your clients fair, you will keep them longer than your competitors and be able to decrease your premiums every month,” Galloway explained to financial journal Moneyweb.

In other words, the King Price business model seems to be that if consumers are always paying the lowest price for car insurance, there is no incentive for them to change insurers.

Does this mean that your premium starts off really expensive and then becomes a little cheaper each month? Not at all. King Price is a budget insurer offering highly competitive rates.

Of course, we can't be sure you will save money by switching to King Price. The great thing is that you can request a quote and an insurance professional will give you a custom assessment, so you can instantly find out if you can reduce your premium.

It's so easy and there is absolutely no obligation. That's why we encourage motorists to request regular quotes - after all, why should we pay more than we need to?


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